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Lovely apartment on second floor with private bathroom, full equipped kitchen (microwave, coffeemaker and fridge), A/C and ceilingfan, hot water and WiFi. The apartment has one big room with kitchen, double bed and coach and one small room with a bunkbed. Terrace with jungle mountain view. Very quiet neighbourhood at 700 m from Playa Pelada , La Luna restaurant and tenniscourt.
Good for 4 people , perfect for little families and couples.
We provide linnen and towels.

  • 1 Double Bed
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 1 Floor
  • Kitchen
  • Washer
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Air Condition
  • Towels
  • Linen
  • Free WIFI

Location 400 m West from first entry to Pelada Beach, Nosara, 50206, Costa Rica

Things to do

We offer Surf, Boat, Waterfall, Pink Island and SUP River Tours.

Nosara Surf School


2 Hours are $40 per person

With pleasure we guide and introduce you to the ocean.
Explaining tides, currents, moon and sun position influencing and causing winds.
We do lessons at North Guiones Beach which is a national park and one of the best beaches to learn surfing.
The lessons are at 8 am or 3 pm, depending on the tide and wave height.
Lessons are 2 hours starting with a warm up & stretching.
We explain the technical parts of surfboards and history of surfing on the beach.
We try to make everyone surf and improve position and balance.

Pictures of surf lessons available on request for $20


2 Hours are $40 per person
Beach : Playa Guiones
Full accompaniment during whole class from surf instructor
How to get in and out of the ocean (duckdive and turtle roll)
Explanation of the waves & currents of the beach
How to choose your waves.
How to take a left or right wave and & positioning on the shoulder of the wave to catch green waves
We teach you safety & priority rules
Pictures of surf lessons available on request for $20

Included in Both Packages

NSP Cocomat Longboards & FCS leash , Surfboard , rashguard
Beach transport to and from the surf camp


Mekki Haider

Costa Rica Surf School Jose Barrantes - ISA & Rescue License


The Yoga Lessons

Costa Rica Yoga Classes

Yoga and surfing is a perfect combination. Both require strength, flexibility, and balance in different ways that complement each other. The aim of our yoga classes is to offer approachable and rejuvenating classes for students to strengthen, energize, connect, improve in surfing, and relax. Millions of people including some of the most famous surfers of the world have embraced the benefits of yoga. There is nothing better than starting your day with a yoga class that makes you present to the moment and connects you to the earth, followed by taking that energy into the ocean and embracing the connection to the nature as you go catch the waves. We provide daily group yoga lessons and personalized private classes for those who want to make the practice as beneficial and effective as possible. No previous yoga experience is needed for any of the classes

Our certified yoga instructor, Iida Sirviö, has practiced many different styles of yoga and taught yoga around the world. She puts lots of love in each yoga class to make it a unique experience that is accessible for all levels practitioners. Her playful classes start with a dynamic part that focuses at the principals of hatha yoga and end in restorative yoga and relaxation that helps us to recover and restore energy. In her classes you will become stronger, more flexible, calmer, more aware and more connected with yourself and the nature and overall a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Rates and Booking

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We accept payments via PayPall.

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Our services

Yoga Lessons

Yoga and Surfing is a Perfect Combination

Surfboard Rental

We have a great variety of surfboards available, from Longboards, Mini Malibu down to shortboards we are sure we will meet your level.

Price: 15 $ / Day


Basic Group Lesson - Price: $30 :1.5 Hrs
Basic Private Lesson - Price: $40 :1.5 Hrs
Advanced Lesson - Price: $80 :4 Hrs

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400m West from first entry to Pelada Beach, Nosara, 50206, Costa Rica

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